Chaim Koppelman  

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Critical Still Life
1976-77, lithograph, 19 x 23½ in.

I did five large lithos for a CAPS grant, "Closeness and Clash in Love and Domestic Life." They were done at the Blackburn workshop. —CK

Not There
1976-77, lithograph, 22 x 21½ in.

Over Brooklyn
1976-7, lithograph, 23 x 21 in.

Once We Were Two Smoothies
1976-77, lithograph, 23¼ x 17¼ in.

It is about two people being superior,
loving only themselves when they were young,
and I open a window on the effect.  —CK

G’it L’il Doggie
1976-77, lithograph, 21½ x 26 in.

Mr. & Mrs.
1963, mixed intaglio, 20 x 15¾ in.

In the intaglio print, Mr. & Mrs., I try to make a criticism of married couples and have compassion for them at the same time. Technically, the problem was how to fuse a deeply-pitted zinc plate printed in black and white with the warm brown into which it was printed. I wanted to have the stark and gentle, criticism and goodwill merge.   —CK

Over SoHo
ca. 1970s, lithograph, 14 X 10 in.

United By Love
1956, aquatint, 24 X 17¾ in.

Couple in Universe
1976, aquatint, 6 x 20 in.

At the Table
1967, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 33 in.